Quote things. On the internet.

To start:

  1. Login with Facebook
  2. Drag the link to your bookmarks bar. Citational


  1. Highlight text on any page.
  2. Click the Citational bookmarklet.
  3. Share the newly-created link.


What is Citational?
Citational makes it easy to quote nearly anything on the internet. Ever want to deep link directly to a word, sentence, paragraph, or block of a blog post, article, facebook status, forum post, and more? Want to freeze it in time? Citational can!
How does this work?
Clicking the bookmarklet takes a snapshop (as code, not an actual image) of the current page. This is sent to the server, where it is sanitized of all javascript (and some other magic), and then saved. You receive a URL that retrieves that snapshot on demand.
These URLs aren't very semantic.
But they can be! Just add a slash and any description after the url. can become or even!.
Why Facebook?
It's a simple way to make sure a user is real. Don't worry, Citational only stores your name and user id from Facebook, and will never (and cannot) publish anything back to Facebook.
Are there limitations?
Citational can only create citations on non-iframed html pages. That means that pdfs and text documents won't work. I might support text documents in the future. If your site is built well, Citational should just work (it even does on Google Maps!).
Something doesn't look right with this citation...
This is definitely alpha-quality software. Please let me know about it by sending an email to Complaints, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome too!
I can't create a citation on [REDACTED].com. Why?
I don't know! But please let me know about it by sending an email to Be sure to include the url of the page, as well as the text you were trying to cite.
What technology does Citational use?
The main components are: MongoDb, Node.js, express, node-mongodb-native, jqtpl, jquery-jqd, js-deflate, node-htmlparser, node-soupselect, node-facebook-signed-request .
Who are you?
Twitter: @KirbySaysHi, Github: KirbySaysHi, Email: